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With Cucina Lorenzo de’ Medici, the first cooking school at the Mercato Centrale of Turin, the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute (LdM) has decided to offer a new, engaging and innovative experience to all those who love food and its preparation. Via original and exclusive courses, offered in direct contact with authentic artisans of taste, the Lorenzo De’ Medici Cooking School of Turin – thanks also to the peculiar and versatile backdrop provided by Porta Palazzo – aims to become the beating heart of a great project, born for the purpose of making good food known and loved.

The food artisans themselves and their products are the main protagonists of our cooking courses. All those who will attend the different school’s courses will have the opportunity to learn – thanks to the direct touch with Mercato Centrale’s artisans- the methods and attention to the quality of each and every ingredient, until they get a comprehensive understanding of the most genuine product in its entirety. Throughout every course indeed, besides culinary practice, the school’s professional chefs will have the mission to transmit the importance of the raw materials’ absolute quality, taking into account their origin and nutritional properties, thus creating a real bond between food and the single individual.


Besides teaching culinary techniques and cooking skills, the entire educational offering of Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School in Turin aims at transmitting a specific way of life, the Italian way of life, which focuses on human relations. To achieve this, it is essential to have a nutritional awareness, which is often mistakenly taken for granted. Students will learn to taste and appreciate food, to know its health properties and its effects on metabolism, to discover what is behind the product, its history, tradition and the proper method to produce it.


Attending a Lorenzo De Medici Cooking School’s course means living a unique experience, thanks to the great professionalism of its instructors and the prestigious and innovative location provided by Turin’s Mercato Centrale, in close touch with the raw materials and their producers, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and taste knowledge. The scenery of Mercato Centrale gives participants the opportunity to start an educational path in close proximity with

the artisans, who contribute to teaching and communicating the attention to quality ingredients through the five senses.


The direct, constructive relationship built between consumers and producers leads to living real moments of gastronomic research, while also discovering anecdotes and curiosities on Italian flavors and traditions.


Entering the Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School means not only to learn how to realize a recipe, but also to understand what is behind it, through the Mediterranean culture that characterizes it and the wealth of styles and skills handed down from one generation to another. The final goal, achieved by stimulating students’ curiosity, is to live and overcome their culinary, and why not, also human expectations, so to assimilate the values of good food and good life, within a healthy and conscious lifestyle.


For over 45 years, the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute (LdM) has worked to promote Italian culture throughout the world. Among the first schools in Florence, Italy to offer Italian language and culture courses, LdM has experimented with an academic method which unites language, art and cuisine, giving students the possibility to discover in a more immediate and unforgettable way, the essence of Italian culture and the country’s vast and varied culinary heritage.


LdM has expanded its academic offering since its establishment in 1973, today offering more than 600 courses in 39 thematic areas. Each year LdM welcomes more than 3000 students from all four corners of the globe in its 3 campuses: Florence, Rome and Tuscania (Lazio).