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Private events


Bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries… make your event special!

Do you want to celebrate with family and friends, enjoy good food and have a new experience together? Are you organizing a bachelor/bachelorette party, a distinctive birthday party, or a special event or anniversary that you would like to celebrate in a different way?


Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School provides everything you need to spend an unforgettable day: a high-tech kitchen with state-of-the-art tools and appliances, highly qualified chefs plus the freshest and most genuine ingredients. In our school, the haute cuisine becomes easily accessible to everyone. Therefore, we offer custom-tailored cooking courses according to your needs; be it a family celebration or a special anniversary with friends, you will be able to choose menu, details and duration of your event.


Contact our Info Point at 334.6055113 or torino@cucinaldm.com to get more information and book your private event at the first Cooking School of Turin’s Mercato Centrale!


Building teamwork skills is essential to achieve good business management. One of the main goals in any company is to combine the abilities of each individual employee to create a collaborative, harmonious and productive work team.


The Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School offers you the chance to organize a custom team building for your company,  tailored to your requirements.


Setting up your team building in the Lorenzo de’ Medici Cooking School means for your employees and coworkers to live an original group experience, which will enable them not only to develop and strengthen their teamwork, but also to push their boundaries and exceed their human and culinary expectations.


The proposed team building activity is a cooking contest: the teams will receive some recipes and they will compete for the best menu preparation by following the chefs’ instructions. The winning team will be declared by the chefs after tasting the dishes prepared by each group. Plating and team spirit will also be assessed to award the victory, which could be celebrated with a prize offered by the employer.


For more information please call 334 6055113 or send an email to torino@cucinaldm.com